MISLUX Spain Vachetta Crossbody Luxstrap Bandoulier Adjustable Lv Strap

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MISLUX LuxStrap Vachetta Bandoulier Adjustable LV Crossbody Keepall Strap. Directly from the worlds top leathersmiths workshop we present these Bandouliere LuxStraps made from Vachetta Leather of Barcelona Spain the home of LV premium leather. The quality is of the highest standards using some of the best finishes and materials. They aren't meant only for the signature Speedy Bandouliere. (The French word for "shoulder strap"). So whichever Vuitton bag it is, be it the Alma, Speedy, Sofia Coppola bag, or even the Capucines with the shoulder strap, these latest strap offerings can be used to dress your bags up or for that added pop of luxury.