Giuseppe Zanotti Sanitizer LuxDR Eau de Sanitizer MISLUX 48.00
Giuseppe Zanotti Sanitizer LuxDR Eau de Sanitizer MISLUX 48.00

LuxDR Eau de Sanitizer

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LuxDR Eau De Sanitize - Luxury Travel Disinfectant with Essential Oud Saffron Bergamot Oils High ISO Rated - 99.9% of Germs, TSA - WHO Recommended | Ultra Fast Acting Antiseptic


• Sanitize your Hands and Mask – Face Coverings anywhere, anytime in mere seconds. Eau de Sanitizer is a powerful and safe sanitizing spray hand cleaner, and mask cleaner for keeping the whole family protected.

• Eau De Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs (effective at eliminating over 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria)

• This LuxSanitizer Travel hand sanitizer comes in a convenient TSA approved insulated twist and store spray bottle fits easily in pockets, handbags, car consoles or desks.

• Ultra Fast acting, fast drying Antiseptic formula - dries in about 5 seconds nontoxic formula carefully made according to strict standards in accordance with WHO Recommendations

• Amazing fragrance - this product is 70% plant-based alcohol with skin fortifying and immune boosting essential oils. Saffron - Bergamot - Oud - Vetiver - Sweet Orange  - blended oils, therefore it has a subliminal scent

These natural ingredients help moisturize and hydrate your skin keeping it comfortable, soft and smooth all day long. A Treasure Trove of Essential Oils.