LuxDR RedBottom Premium Red Soles Louboutin Rx Paint 30ml

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LUXDR Red Bottom Premium Paint Louboutin Red Soles 30ml 

Protect your investment!! LUXDR Red Bottom Premium Paint for Christian Louboutin, a name trusted for years for all your luxury care and restoration needs, developed a specially formulated bottom coat. Red Bottom Paint coats can be applied right over old to keep your soles looking brand new! 

We selected this red paint that exactly matches Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes helping you keep your Christian Louboutin red soles red. We do know what it means to walk around and notice ugly scrapes on the bottom of your CL shoes ruining the legendary colored bottom. You can now restore the soles of your shoes in no time. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to dry once you apply the paint. For best results, make sure to wipe down the soles first with vinegar, for example. The best part of this paint is that you can also touch up the heels to cover all the scratches, chips and scrapes. The red paint can be applied onto the entire sole as well. It is definitely useful for all the red sole lovers out there and for people who just want to change the color of any existing high heels to give an instant Christian Louboutin look!

The following before-after picture shows worn Christian Louboutin shoes (above) that have been used on the street (cement ground) displaying scuff marks on the sole. 15 minutes later, after applying the touch up paint, the CL bottom shoes look like new (right):

Proudly Made in the USA by LUXDR Co. 

LuxDR Red Bottom 15ml Kit includes small sponge applicator for easy application of paint. One container will re-color 3-5 pairs of shoes depending on the condition of the soles.

Direction: Wipe clean. For first use. Test on a small unseen area. Apply using thin coats. Let dry completely before wearing. For a shinier look!

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