Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau Signature Luxe Atomizer Half Ounce 15ml

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Here is a special treat for you!! Brand New in a Signature GOLD Paisley (15ml) 0.5oz Re-Usable Atomizer. The famous and Sold Out *Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau*

An infusion of leather, an invitation to explore the senses
Traveling often has the power to embolden desire. Dans La Peau imprints on the skin like indelible ink. An exclusive infusion of natural leather from Louis Vuitton's workshops intertwined with accents of almost-candied apricot, jasmine from Grasse and sambac jasmine from China. Then absolute of narcissus appears, followed by a chorus of musk. Dans la Peau does not feign desire. It lays it bare.

I loved the opening of Dans La Peau: supple calf leather of a brand new high-end handbag. It sounds cliched, but the leather accord is very evocative, realistic, and rendered elegant by subtle floral undertones. When worn on the skin, it's as if I was wearing an Emperor's high-quality leather jacket: I can smell its wonderful redolence, but it's invisible to people's eyes.

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Made in France.
Style code: LP0062

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