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LUXDR Caviar Rx Luxury Flap Bag Restoration and Conditioner 30ml

LUXDR Caviar Rx Luxury Flap Bag Restoration and Conditioner 30ml

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  • Featured in VOGUE December Issue

    Vogue December 2020 LuxDR

    LuxDR Labs USA

    You’ve worked hard for your money so you decided to spoil yourself and purchase an amazing luxury bag. So naturally after years of strutting your pride and joy at every possible function that’s begun to look a little dull and dare I say, a little lifeless. Now don’t freak out just yet.

    PRODUCT USE: Introducing the New Grand 30ml Size of LuxDR CAVIAR Rx premium cream for Caviar and Lambskin Leather!! LUXDR CAVIAR Rx was created especially for all luxury pebbled leather bags, including Saffiano, Classic Caviar, Togo, Epsom, and Special Edition Leather Releases. LuxDR a name trusted for Luxury care and Luxury restoration needs has developed a specialty formulated conditioner and hydration coating that can be applied right over old leather to restore and revive your bag looking brand new again! A perfect solution to maintain the value of your favorite bag. Not only will you add more value with a LuxDR Caviar Rx Treatment but also assure its protected from the natural elements and get to enjoy it more and give it longer life. You can also do the same with neglected bags that deserve a second chance.

    FORMULATED FRIENDLY: Formulated to perfection! Now improved with more shine boosters! Over 9 essential oils for prolong life and protection. Fashion Forward Luxury Care products will change the game on how you use your bag with protection from the day to day UV exposure and air borne pollutants, this collection contains everything you need to keep your leather handbag glistening! Beautify and enrich with an optimal pH-balanced recipe, our luxury care products and cleaners stand out from the crowd. LuxDR the first name in Luxury Care!

    DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount to our Triside Applicator for easy control of the lotion and apply thin coats using an even stroke motion in the desired use area, the lotion creme' texture is designed for easy application and maximum absorption. Let dry for about 10secs then buff dry using the bamboo premium buff cloth. One container will revive 2-3 handbags depending on the condition. #CaviarRX

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