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Hermes Harnais MM Epsom Palladium Sapphire HR-0924S-0006

Hermes Harnais MM Epsom Palladium Sapphire HR-0924S-0006

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Hermes Harnais MM Epsom Palladium Sapphire HR-0924S-0006


Do a double, no, a triple take on the Harnais, and you can see why its silhouette is befitting of a true blue Hermes bag, its saddle-like shape referencing the very thing the leather house was originally famed for - horse saddles and equestrian accessories. And while the Hermes of today is better known for luxurious leather goods that might have little to do with its founding years - at least now we have the Harnais to thank for reminding us of the French luxury house's heritage.

With the front looking like a horse saddle (that's also where the front flap is) in gorgeous smooth Swift leather, turn the bag to its side and you'll see a pair of leather straps, reminiscent of billet straps found on horse saddles, that make their way around the base of the bag, connecting to adjustable shoulder straps on either side.


And while the flap is in Swift leather, the body is all Epsom leather, giving the bag great structure and the ability to resist light scratches and nicks. On the inside, you'll find two flat pockets that are sufficient for a good day out, and depending on what you require, you can wear the bag long or short with its rounded shape made for sitting snuggly under the shoulder.

  • Available in a single size 25cm, this beauty is priced at $11,500, which could also be the reason why not many out there are willing to take that jump. But far from being just another Hermes bag, the Harnais is one that harnesses (no pun intended) the history of the storied French house and one that is perfect for the lady that's looking for something that will be relevant and stylish in the many years to come.


Hermes Harnais

Item Specs:

Material: Swift

Style Name: Harnais

Color: Blue

  • Measurements:10.5"L x 4"W x 8"H

Strap-handle-style: Shoulder Strap Handle

  • Type: Shoulder Bag

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