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Spot the Fraud: Gucci GG Marmont

By Paola

There is a history in top luxury brands that a lot of us, the collectors are not aware of. We purchase the new Monogram Louis Vuitton Tote or that iconic FF Fendi Baguette without thinking twice about where the design derived from. A perfect example of this is the GG logo Gucci stapled on their classic designs and we, naturally ATE – IT - UP. But with a little digging you’ll learn that the history behind that prestige Gucci GG logo that separates the Marmont from all the other Gucci products is bountiful.

For the iconic GG Marmont logo we adore today we need to praise the creative genius of Alessandro Michele. The GG Gucci logo was not created by Michele himself but it was resurrected and reimagined from a Gucci belt buckle created in the 70’s. Utilizing the classic logo as a canvas he added the beautiful chaos to reintroduce the logo into our time. With that said here are 5 ways to make sure your Gucci GG Marmont product is not a counterfeit.


The Handbags

  1. The Double G

The most obvious way to distinguish your Marmont from any other Gucci product is the double G logo. The initial thing on your logo examination is make sure that both G’s are facing the same direction. If you’re double G’s are flipped you’ve got a fake in front of you. Other ways to verify your Marmont by examining the logo is to:

  • The G’s will start at a point, grow wider and overlap at the leg.
  • Tone of the hardware should not overly shine or seem orange. It should not have a varnished or lacquered look.
  1. The Quilting

Marmont hand bags require a certain level of perfectionism and Gucci provides that with its immaculate chevron quilting. For key authenticity the stitching will be even. Space between the stitching will be consistent and aligned. Signs of double stitching, broken stitches or knots in the threads is the work of an amateur and most definitely a counterfeiter. Uniformity is important.


  1. The Inside Counts
    There are several ways to tell if you have a real Gucci Marmont. The majority of luxury handbags are lined in a synthetic suede material, your Marmont will more than often be lined in a blush tone. Along the wall of your handbag there will be a standard zipper pouch with a leather placard embossed with ‘Gucci Made in Italy’ logo. Now this placard holds the easiest way to verify your Marmont for behind the placard there is a series of numbers. The top number can be entered into your search browser to confirm the style number and your hand bag match up.


  1. A Consistent Finish

When it comes to Gucci Marmont handbags it is important to inspect and color match the hardware. The brass finish of your strap, zipper closures, rivets and other hardware should hold the same antiquated brass finish as your double G logo. Your GG logo should also not be held down with screws but rather two solid rivets. The snaps to close the bag will be separate and the female end will be branded twice with ‘Gucci’.




The GG Belt

A quick way to check for authenticity on a Gucci Marmont belt is to check the back for stampings. The stamp in Sans Serif Font like all Gucci stamps will read, “Gucci Made in Italy” followed by a line underneath with the style number, the second will contain the art number and the third line the size number in cm and inches in that order.

With Gucci belts being belt of natural leather you will not see the buckling that occurs with synthetic leather. Natural leather has elasticity and will stretch and revert to its natural form. Much like with the stitching of a handbag the stitching of a Gucci belt should be free of any irregularities.

Don’t forget to check the buckle! If your buckle is too orange or the back of it is also shiny, I’m afraid it is not authentic.


The GG Shoes

What we’ve learned so far is that all Gucci products have markings we need to look out for. And your Gucci Marmont shoes are not an exception!

The suede insole of your shoe will be stamped with “Gucci” but the panel on the wall of the shoe will have a six-digit style number, followed by the size number and the colorway number. It is important to look out for these since a lot of counterfeiters are too focused on putting out quantity of quality. Chances are a counterfeiter will not include this detail. Other areas to inspect for authenticity are the outsoles of your Gucci Marmont shoes. All outsole will be a nude leather and hold a slight curve in shape. If you are purchasing a preowned pair scuffing is a sign that genuine leather has been used. As an added detail, look out for will be the ‘Gucci’ plaque attached to the outsole of your shoes.


##Gucci Collection at MISLUX

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If you are starting to build your GG Marmont collection, I hope this information will help you find great authentic pieces.


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