Mayhem ‎Deathcrush Vinyl 12" RPM Mini Posercorpse FRANK Edition 1987 Fan Letter

Mayhem ‎Deathcrush Vinyl 12" RPM Mini Posercorpse FRANK Edition 1987 Fan Letter

Delve Into the Depths of Mayhem's "Deathcrush": A Coveted Collector's Vinyl

A Rare Gem For All Vinyl Collectors: Mayhem's "Deathcrush"

The world of black metal is full of raw power, aggression and rebellion - all epitomized by the legendary band, Mayhem. Among their many standout releases, the "Deathcrush" mini-album on 12" vinyl holds a special place, being a treasured piece in the realm of vinyl collecting. A limited edition and numbered release, it calls to the ardent fans of Mayhem and dedicated record collectors.




Mayhem’s ‎ Deathcrush on a vinyl record is expensive to obtain, as you will see Only one thousand hand-numbered copies  have been pressed. Many of the vinyl record versions were sent to the recipients in handwritten letters of Euronymous. 

Without a doubt, the Mayhem’s ‎ Deathcrush is an excellent addition to the vinyl collection of every Black Metal Collector

“Deathcrush”1987 when the band released the first version on vinyl.



Mayhem - Deathcrush (Pink) on Vinyl

Mayhem – Deathcrush (Pink) on Vinyl


Tracklist (on original Vinyl)

  • A1 Silvester Anfang
  • A2 Deathcrush
  • A3 Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  • B1 Witching Hour
  • B2 Necrolust
  • B3 (Weird) Manheim/Pure Fucking Armageddon
  • B4 Untitled (Hidden Outro)


Posercorpse Music FRANK 001 – Deathcrush (Vinyl, 12″, EP, Limited Edition to 1000 copies.‎) – Norway – 1987

About Mayhem: Leaving an Indelible Mark in Black Metal

Known for their aggressive sound, Mayhem has left an indelible imprint in the music industry. They duly deserve credit for shaping the black metal genre, leaving a lustrous trail of inspiration for the bands that followed their footsteps. With an influence que, it is evident in the music of so many bands that adopted Mayhem's raw and intense sound.

Mayhem's "Deathcrush": A Piece of Musical History

"Deathcrush," in particular, is a historic piece for the band and genre, considered a landmark release in black metal's history. When you add this limited edition vinyl to your collection, you own more than just a rare collector's item; you hold a slice of musical history.

    Black Metal's Fascinating Impact on Fashion

    DID YOU KNOW that the black metal genre has significantly affected the fashion industry? Its dark and rebellious aesthetics have influenced various subcultures, including goth and punk. You'll notice fashion designers drawing inspiration from black metal's raw energy and distinctive style, adding elements such as distressed fabrics, leather accents, and metal hardware to their collections.


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