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Karl Lagerfeld: The Remix

Karl Lagerfeld: The Remix

The loss of any well known celebrity, or even a washed up actor from that one show you used  to watch when you were 12 (but probably shouldn’t have because it was highly inappropriate for your age) dies, it shocks you. At least until the news of another set of three floods  your instagram feed. But when someone that inspired generations of future designers and influenced a society fueled by fashion for well over 30 years passes away, you’re going to feel a definitive shift. (So obviously we're still in shock). To nose dive into his life's work would be incredibly consuming. I may not be able to offer you his biography, but I can offer you my personal 5.



1. Fall 2000 Couture - Piscine Keller, Paris. - Remix to the 2000’s


The Fall 2000 Couture show at Piscine Keller in Paris was accurately described by Lagerfeld as a “ Remix to the 2000’s”. With 60’s inspired bouffants and a hint of 80’s neon makeup Lagerfeld geniously so complimented modest yet modern ensembles. He incorporated shredded tulle and hints of metallic belts on classic pleated silhouettes, creating the perfect something old that was needed for a new beginning.  




2. Chanel Spring 2005 - Ready to Wear


Who remembers Moulin Rouge? Who remembers Nicole Kidman looking just as stunning nearly 3 years later in No. 5 the Film. Chanel exceeded their own expectations with the “Film” campaign. And with that stamina they  brought the glamour of hollywood  and Nicole Kidman to their runway in Spring 2005.


The beginning of the show was something straight from a red carpet movie premiere. The flashes of the cameras, paparazzi begging for the attention of the glamourous. With every flash models struck a pose and genuinely looked to have a great time all in silky, elegant little black dresses. Yes, even Chanel is responsible for your LBD.




3.  Chanel Pre Fall 2008


This particular collection is strictly one of my favorites for selfish reasons. It reminds me of my Senior year of highschool, my side swept bangs and my intense winged eyeliner. But overall this serves as an everyday reminder that you can’t go wrong with a timeless black and white combo.




4. Chanel Spring 2011 - Couture


The definition of Spring is this collection. The tweed jacket and skirt combo that took the first walk down the runway was what the month of rain we got in California this year. Elegantly and fiercely  with every model each piece transformed into the Climax of Spring. All while maintaining a soft, airy and fresh disposition.





5. Chanel Pre Fall 2016


I’m ending with 2016 because of all the looks, it’s one of the edgiest and sexiest collections. In my opinion it is a perfect example of how Lagerfeld appreciated the history of everything. When I see the clips of the featured models in their black pencil skirts, quilted leather, and black lace tights I see Brigitte Bardot reinvented.




Karl Lagerfeld was our own personal time machine. He led us into the future without allowing us to forget the past. I truly hope Chanel can also move into the future without forgetting his legacy.



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