How to tell an AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton bag from a FAKE one? - Look at the stamps! MISLUX

How to tell an AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton bag from a FAKE one? - Look at the stamps!


The authentic product versus copies (even well-made ones).

Louis Vuitton trademark stamps.

Learn to differentiate in just a few steps.

Buying used luxury items is not an easy decision, and facing the latent danger of receiving a product that is not original leads many people to distrust and give up. For example, Louis Vuitton is the most counterfeit brand in the world; it’s a fact. Be it a handbag, a pair of shoes, or an exclusive accessory, the authentication of each Louis Vuitton item is corroborated to ensure that its technicality meets the manufacturer's quality standards: in stamping, sewing, hardware, stamps of authenticity, date codes, materials, and artistry.

While most people overlook the details and go straight to the date code, this lesson in authenticity will focus on the Louis Vuitton trademark logo stamps found on all LVMH bags and accessories.

The Louis Vuitton legacy is an exciting story. In 1896, Louis Vuitton's son Georges created the iconic LV monogram to protect himself from counterfeits. Trademark monogram is made up of a capitalized italic L and V with the quatrefoil patterns, diamonds, and circles.

The trademark heat seal is the embossed Louis Vuitton label on the outside or inside an original handbag or accessory. Inside, the stamp will be found on the lining or on an internal leather or fabric tag in newer styles; if it is outside, it will be placed on the edge, in the details of the Vachetta strap. The stamp must be clear, centered, with crisp lettering, and no signs of sloppy or bleeding letters.

The artisanal process behind making a Louis Vuitton item is what makes it valuable. Each one will contain a 'Made in Paris' label and will have undergone meticulous quality inspections by the company. If you notice something strange about the product, it is probably not an authentic Louis Vuitton. On counterfeit stamps, embossing may not match the variable depth, clarity, size, and position. It is essential to check the trademark heat seal along with the date code.

Real vs. Fake

Here are some examples of original vs. fake LV, so that you can have a visual reference and learn to identify them as much as possible:

So what should I look at?

-Newer Louis Vuitton bags would not have a 'Made In USA' outside, but will have a leather or fabric label inside with the text "Made in USA of imported materials."

-The tail of the original LV stamp is always very short.

-The O's are very round and appear more extensive than the L.

-The T's are almost touching.

-The L has a short leg.

-The letters are thin and sharp.

-The 'made in' stamp will be in lower case, and the country's first letter will be in upper case.

-Letters should be evenly spaced

-The stamping should be horizontally level

-Vertical spacing between lines of text should be uniform

-Most recent Louis Vuitton bags would not have a Made In USA exterior seal but will have a leather or fabric label inside showing up the text: Made in USA of imported materials.

-Fake Louis Vuitton stamps will have obvious errors like O size, oval rather than rounded O's, wrong stamp font or width, space between T's, and sloppy embossing.

Considering all the above, will it be enough?

Many factors indicate whether a Louis Vuitton item is authentic or not. Every aspect of the article, such as font, size, stamping, symmetry, stitching, hardware, stamps of authenticity, and general quality and materials, will need to be inspected by highly trained authenticators.

Accurate authentication requires knowledge and practice. The Louis Vuitton trademark seal is just one piece of the puzzle to verify the authenticity of a product in its entirety.

Is a trustworthy site ...

Am I sure that what I will buy will be original?

No matter how meticulous we are, no matter how step-by-step tutorials we can follow precisely and to the letter, mistakes can be made, and fake products may be considered original, as there are copies made lightly and without the slightest Beware, there are many companies around the world whose work focuses specifically on the counterfeiting of luxury goods at very detailed levels; they make copies so faithful to the original product that it can be challenging to discern its originality. In contrast to this problem, there are experts in the area who have sufficient skills and abilities to offer 100% correct diagnoses and extensive expertise and, in short, the necessary tools and artifacts to verify the authenticity without index of error.

At Mislux, all the products that arrive are original. Authenticity is the cornerstone of Mislux, and that transparency has been consigned in its authenticity policy -which you can review directly and in greater detail in that section of the web portal-. We have trained in-house professionals like gemologists, horologists, art appraisers, and apparel experts who ensure that every item sold is 100% authentic and in tip-top condition.

Before they are accepted for shipment, all products undergo a brand-specific, multi-point authentication process by a trained team of luxury experts led by our Senior Director of Brand Authentication and Compliance.

We inspect all products for proper brand labels, date codes, serial labels, and hologram stickers. Everything goes through our strict authenticity tests before being selected for daily sales. Our fine jewelry and watches are authenticated and evaluated by our gemologists and watchmakers, and each piece comes with an appraisal certificate. Art items are thoroughly researched and validated by our team of fine art specialists. 

Therefore, all products entering and leaving are guaranteed to be completely authentic. Although these are second-hand products put up for resale, their originality is on the table and is indisputable.

You will have the guarantee that you are ALWAYS acquiring an original product and thus feel calm when making the investment, which we know… is not cheap.

You will never have to question what you are buying, as we have already taken care of exhaustively managing those processes to provide you with the security you need.

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