Here Are 8 Items That You Will NEVER Find On Sale

Here Are 8 Items That You Will NEVER Find On Sale


There's nothing more exciting for a girl who loves fashion than a sale. Nordstrom's half yearly sale, secret offer codes to punch in online for 20 percent off, even just finding a look-a-like Burberry cape at Topshop for 1/10 of the price, it's all music to our ears. But then there's the other kind, the designer sales. If you've ever found a Gucci bag or Lanvin flats marked down to half off, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a rush, a surge of adrenaline, it feels less like your average good deal and more like an accomplishment. And then there's the biggest sale of all — Black Friday.

It's a sale so big it almost become a national holiday in and of itself, and every year, it gets more extreme. Earlier opening times! Lower prices! Free gifts with purchase! It's all a bit of a circus, but unfortunately, the traveling freakshow doesn't hit every boutique. There are just some items that, wish as hard as you might, will never go on sale. Yeah, it's probably because they pretty much sell themselves and don't need the extra incentive to purchase, but it's none-the-less infuriating. Here's a roundup of the items that you won't find on your Black Friday shopping spree, so you might want to add them to your list for Santa instead.

1. Chanel Boy Bag

Nothing tugs at my heart strings more than this one, because I'm a Chanel girl through-and-through, but the French brand is notorious for never holding sales, and if you do get so lucky, it's never going to be their classic handbags — if bags at all. Besides, when you can buy a used boy bag on eBay for $1,000 more than the $4,200 retail price for the medium size — yeah, an official Chanel sale is not happening.


2. Hermés Collier de Chien Belt

The fashion world's most coveted belt retails for $1,750 and is famously difficult to find in stores or online. A sale isn't anywhere on the horizon — if anything, a Black Friday mark-up to manage low availability is more likely.



3. Burberry London's Classic Trench

The iconic British trench (and probably the only one worth splurging $1,700 on) almost never goes on sale in it's classic style. In fact, it's common for the brand to frequently be sold out of popular sizes, even if you're willing to pay full price for the coat.


4. Chloe Suzanna Boots

Hollywood's favorite $1,345 boot (cringe) is never on sale in the classic colors. You may get lucky and find a wacky, old season color on sale, but the black and cream are no-go's when it comes to reduced pricing. And if you're lucky enough to even findthe coveted and elusive red, you will best be seeing it at full price. Such is the cost of looking like an It girl.


5. Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet

The $800 wallet will never go on sale, not because of it's covetable or iconic reputation, but because Louis Vuitton just plain doesn't do sales. While Hermés and Chanel will put discontinued and last season accessories/bags/shoes on sale, Louis Vuitton opts out of sales altogether. Nothing will be on sale. Ever. So save yourself the embarrassment — don't even ask.


6. Hermés Kelly

7. Cartier Tank Watch

Jackie Kennedy's signature watch never goes on sale, so you might want to check eBay if you aren't up for paying the $2,500 an entry-level, basic Cartier Tank Solo will run you.


8. Christian Louboutin Leather Pumps

Though you can definitely find last season Louboutin's on sale, the classic styles are never marked down. So if you want to throw on your Louboutin's like J.Lo, be prepared to fork over $875.


Gulp. I really hope I made Santa's nice list this year...

The good news though? All those tech items you've been saving up for (an iPhone XS, a massive flat screen TV, a new laptop, that fancy juicer) likely will have at least a slight discount the day after Thanksgiving. Silver linings, people. Silver linings.

Images: Masson/Fotolia; Chanel; Burberry; Louis Vuitton; Cartier; Christian Louboutin; Barneys

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