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Louis Vuitton

MISLUX LuxStrap Adjustable Crossbody Spanish Leather Handbag Strap

MISLUX LuxStrap Adjustable Crossbody Spanish Leather Handbag Strap

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MISLUX Bandoulier LuxStrap in Java Chocolate Brown. Adjustable Crossbody Strap. Directly from the worlds top leathersmiths workshop we present these Luxstraps made from Spanish Leather of Barcelona the home of vachetta premium leather. The quality is of the highest standards using some of the best finishes and materials. They work perfect for luggage, cross chest and belt style for pochette fanny packs. So whichever Luxury bag you want to upgrade with the LuxStrap, these latest strap offerings can be used to dress your bags up or for that added pop of luxury.

Available in 2 limited styles. Spanish Vachetta and Chocolate Java brown leather, the straps can be worn depending on your mood and outfit!

This Luxury "Strapmania", is Master Handcrafted using Premium Vachetta Leather from Barcelona, Spain. Home of Wolrd's Best Leathersmiths. Designed for Luxury handbags, the "LuxStrap" allows you to carry your handbag on your shoulder or use it as a belt. Simply hook the strap's discreet buckles onto the bag handle's special rings.

100% Authentic MISLUX LuxStraps. Each Strap is Individually Handcrafted and Date Code Numerated after quality inspection is verified.

MISLUX have upgraded the strap design with a stronger, longer, and wider aesthetic for comfort and versatility. You can easily interchange the MISLUX strap between luxury bags, luggage or crossbody collections.

Adjustable length from: 41 - 49 inches. Includes Gold snap hooks and Viera Buckle. Great replacement cross body handbag straps. It's easy to attach with its two gold snap hooks. Works seamlessly!!

Style code: B083XM6DQD
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