Creed Love In White Amazing Eau De Lux Parfum 15ML

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Here is a special treat for you girls!! Brand New in a Signature Silver Paisley (15ml) 0.5oz Re-Usable Atomizer. The famous and Sold Out * "LOVE IN WHITE" By CREED* This scent has been selected as not only the best selling fragrance of 2017 but also is now becoming the rarest due to its batch availability.

Its no longer available at specialty boutiques an can only be back ordered at a few stores in the US. Get yours while you can and smell one of the best scent ever created by House of Creed before its too late.


This scent is AMAZING and I get compliments up to 3 times a day. I have a few 15ml atomizers left in stock. Why pay the retail of $325 for one ounce when you can buy a half ounce for only $85 of the actual LOVE IN WHITE by CREED. Retail for 1 oz: $325 Do you want spring in the bottle? Pure, gentle, feminine. Then pay attention to the fragrance Love in White from Creed .


The fragrance of Love in White is another joint creation of Olivier and Erwin Creed, released in 2005 and inspired by love.


The aroma pyramid looks like this:

Top note : the skin of the Italian orange;
Heart notes : Florentine iris, pale yellow French narcissus, magnolia, Bulgarian rose, thin rice;
Plume : vanilla, gray amber, Mysore sandalwood.

First you are covered with a light bitterness of Italian orange, which quickly turns into dry iris with fresh notes of white and pink magnolia flowers, seasoned with the roughness of rice. This composition is kept unchanged for a long time, and then smoothly passes into vanilla, surrounded by an echo of floral notes. Love in White can not be called fresh in the usual sense, this scent has some kind of muffled, hidden ghost of white lavender, but that's what makes it mysterious and light.

Under this aroma, I really want to wear a white light dress, sit on a lilac bicycle with a basket filled with fresh baguette and cheeses, and ride along the sun-drenched coast. And then arrange a small picnic in the shade of a sprawling tree. Love in White is one of my favorite fragrances, I've repeatedly confessed my love to this scent in my Instagram. Lightness and femininity are what we so desperately seek in the early spring and this is what this fragrance gives us.


Made in France.
Style code: 0400095058821


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