Surprise, Chanel Increases Prices Again In 2022

Surprise, Chanel Increases Prices Again In 2022

We’re all just settling into the new year, and the last thing we want to hear is that another price increase is happening at Chanel. The very active Chanel rumor mill, verified by sales associates around the country, shared the news of Chanel’s upcoming 2022 price increase. The date of the increase will be January 15th, which nearly coincides with the launch of 22P collections being released on the 18th. This marks the fourth price increase from the fashion house in the last 12 months.

Which Chanel Bags Will See An Increase?

The silver lining is that majority of the highly coveted Classics, which already have been hit with multiple price increases last year, will continue retailing at their current prices.

The bags that will be impacted include the Chanel Coco Handle, Chanel Business Affinity, and Chanel Boy Bag with Handle. The Wallet-On-Chain, Mini Flaps, and Chanel 19 bags will be unaffected by this price increase.

The three handle styles will see a spike of 8-12%.

New Coco Handle Prices for 2022

Style Current Price New Price % Increase
Mini Coco Handle AS2215 $4,300 $4,800 11.6%
Small Coco Handle A92990 $4,600 $5,000 8.7%
Medium Coco Handle A92991 $5,000 $5,500 10%
Large Coco Handle A92992 $5,900

New Business Affinity Prices for 2022

Style Style Code Price
Small Business Affinity Flap Bag with Top Handle A93749 $4,600
Business Affinity Flap Bag with Top Handle A93607 $4,900
Large Business Affinity Flap Bag with Top Handle A93608 $5,300
Business Affinity Backpack A93748 $5,000
Small Business Affinity Shopping Bag A93750 $4,900
Large Business Affinity Shopping Bag A93795 $5,300

New Boy Bag with Handle Prices for 2022

Style Style Code Price
Small Boy Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag A94805 $6,700
Old Medium Boy Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag A84804 $7,200

Recent Price Increase History

In the last 12 months, Chanel increased their prices three times. This latest increase marks the fourth increase in that time frame. The January 2021 price increase saw price hikes for the majority of styles, including Classic Flap bags, with an increase of about 4-7%.

6 months later in July 2021, Chanel had a double-digit increase across the board which left Chanel fans and shoppers stunned. We published an article explaining what is causing the frequent Chanel price increases; it’s lengthy but worth the read.

While still shellshocked by the summer increase, shoppers witnessed a third Chanel price increase on its Classic Flap Bags in November of 2021.

These recent increases continue to stir up interest in the pre-owned / pre-loved market for Chanel bags. There has been a steady increase in conversation on pre-loved Chanel bags on PurseForum, as shoppers are looking to the resale market for more attainable options on popular bags, as many are finding themselves priced out of the retail offerings.

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