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How To Look Expensive Without Being Rich


Article By: Johanes Godoy
Source: Unsplash

Is it all about money, money, money? I doubt! You can still look expensive without being rich. 

We sometimes associate our social class and wealth with our appearance. But even if our bank accounts do not match, we still want to look classy and expensive. Luckily, there are ways to look rich and dress like a millionaire on a budget.

It is not a problem if you are not naturally fashionable and do not have the luxury to buy the outfits you want. Gather your confidence and self-love as we talk about how you could improve your appearance. It is unnecessary to break the bank just to look cool.

Forget about the struggle. Here are the ways on how to look expensive without being rich: 

Know More About Fabrics and Materials

Research different types of fabrics and materials. It will help you know better how to look expensive. You have to understand that some materials are man-made, making them look cheap and do not fit your body well. They may look saggy on you.

If you notice, cheaper fabrics are combined with man-made fabrics, which makes them have an unintended shine that gives them an affordable and tasteless look. Also, each fabric requires different types of maintenance, style, and usage. 

Tailor Your Own Clothes

Can you observe rich people? They always wear fitted clothes. Wearing clothes that perfectly fit you reflects taste, wealth, and elegance. You may notice that wealthy people have their clothes measured and made for them. They do not usually shop at chain stores like us. But, we can achieve a refined look with a little effort that does not require us to break the bank. 

How? Have your clothes tailored. You can transform your low-end clothing to high-end. It would surprise you. It adds to your look by having it fitted properly. 

Look for a reliable local tailor that could work for your clothes. A good tailor will measure your body size and make essential alterations that would suit you perfectly. So, if you want to look expensive, build a good relationship with your local tailor.

Find the Best Deals

If you take a look at gold mines, they are not pretty. You have to dig around to find gold. That’s what you do inside a thrift store. Quality thrift clothes are sold half or more than half of its original price. Although you have to spend time searching, it is rewarding to find quality clothing on a budget.

Also, if you know the fitting of your favorite brands, you can look for them online. They may be on sale, or some of the suppliers that you can find online grants lower prices. Watch out for the end of season sales or buy clearance sales that way, you can buy your favorite brand at a lower price. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Honestly speaking, it would be best to have only a few outfits in a closet than to have a full wardrobe full of tasteless outfits. Even though you are within a budget, it is not an excuse to buy low-quality clothes.

It is not necessary to purchase several outfits at once. You can have them piece by piece. Save up and get the good ones that suit your preference. Do not buy an outfit because it is on-trend. Trends come and go, and they will become useless as time goes by. So, be conscious of how you want your looks to project class and wealth. Timeless clothes will give you a win on this.

Lastly, Take Care of Your Clothes

It is a must to take care of your clothes regularly to maintain its best look. You have to know how to do the laundry and iron correctly and carefully. Neat and crisp clothes will create an image of elegance and wealth.

A crumpled and rough outfit will never look expensive. Remember to wash your clothes with soft detergents that ensure to provide deep cleaning and protect the colors from fading. Taking care of your clothes is vital to your goal of how to look expensive.

Moreover, shoes have the same importance to clothes. Spend and invest in shoe care kits. Do not leave your home with dirty shoes.

Always protect your clothes and shoes by properly storing them. If you do not have the time to launder your clothes, leave it to laundry services. They are experts in taking care of your clothes.

You do not need to have millions to have a wealthy look. You can be the wealthiest man in the world, yet you could still look cheap. All you have to do to look expensive is be innovative on tailoring your clothes, frugal in finding the best deals, and follow timeless trends. The right people will appreciate your style.

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